Project Management Consultancy

‘INSELBERG’ management possesses sound track record of successfully managing projects. Over the years, our management team has been involved in evolving and implementing various project management and control systems enabling sharp focus on cost and schedule control. ‘INSELBERG’ management fully understands that meeting the demands of fast changing business environment requires focus on priorities, better management techniques and effective structures for communication. The processes and work practices of ‘INSELBERG’ provide the necessary structure, focus, flexibility and control to manage projects with outstanding results that is; on time within budget and as per specified quality and HSE standards.

Project management rules:

  • Gain consensus on project outcomes
  • Build the best team that clicks
  • Develop a comprehensive, viable plan and keep it up to date
  • Determine what, when and how for resources
  • Have a realistic schedule
  • Don’t try to do more than what can be done
  • Remember that people count
  • Gain support from the stakeholders
  • Foster a culture that promotes willingness to change
  • Develop responsibilities and accountabilities in alignment with the plan
  • Offer flexibility to attempt new things

Projects are executed keeping in view:

  • All parties in project have something to gain from its success and therefore, should share the rewards.
  • There are many sources of expertise within the Company and around in the market which can be exploited.
  • Resources are never been a constraint for project leaders; much equipment, materials, tools, plants and consumables can be purchased on national and international standards for which one has to find the best time to order and best cost to purchase.
  • Projects are diverse and complex; compliance to ‘INSELBERG’s best practices will increase chances of success reducing response time towards issues arising during the project life cycle.
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