Health Safety & Environment

INSEBERG ENGINEERING (PVT.) LTD. is committed to protect the Health safety & environment of its workforce employees, sub-contractors & client’s employees & to provide them with safe and conducive execution of work. It is also committed to minimize potential impacts of its other activities being executed in facility. It strongly committed to conduct all activities in environment friendly manners.


  • We are strongly committed to follow our clients’ policies on the work place as well as outside clients’ facility.
  • Pursuing continuous improvements in Health and Safety performance through of the Management System.
  • Systematically identify hazards and adequately assess and control risk to which and others may be exposed.
  • Develop, follow & maintain a positive Health and Safety culture through communication & consultation.
  • Ensure safe handling & use of equipment including all of clients assets.
  • Report & investigate all work related incident & illness cases.
  • Provide & maintain Safe & Health working condition
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